What’s in YOUR bottle?

Usually when one hits the levels of boredom that I’ve actually hit currently one would decide to go to bed and get a good night’s sleep. I actually cannot do that because I am finishing up the burning of 50 some CDs for the Land Trust’s Go Green event tomorrow. It’s about a 3 hour process when it’s all done, considering the number I have to do … but I’m on the low end of the stack now, so hope is in sight. This does bring up an interesting little problem with hour tracking though – as of the beginning of this month I’m about 50 hours over where I should be if I keep to the 150 hours per month limit that would give me exactly 900 at the end of 6 months. At the end of tonight, I’m at 37 hours … and I have at least 7 more to log tomorrow for this week. I guess it wouldn’t be such a big deal if I was being paid by the hour … but with only a (limited) monthly living stipend, well … I would prefer to keep it as close to 900 as possible.

This post is brought to you by the wonderful folks at CamelBak! No, I’m not sponsored (yet? please?) but I’ve used their stuff forever and wear one of their nifty water-holding packs for training, fun riding and sometimes racing. One of the things that they are now doing is making these sweet water bottles. There’s been a lot in the news lately about chemicals being leached into the water by the very bottles we know and love. Yes, this includes Nalgene.

So upon hearing some of this information, and helped along by the fact that our shop carries these bottles I thought I would give them a try. I’m out of water bottles anyways, and I think it really puts doubt into just how serious I am about cycling. I think there must be some kind of golden ratio to level of cycling addiction to number of waterbottles one owns. If someone can point out whether this would be a linear or exponential scale, please let me know.

The bottles pretty much rock. You can turn them on, you can turn them off. Give a squeeze and water comes out. No need to mess with opening or closing the bottle either, it has a little rubber-valve-type-thing that only lets water our when pressure is exerted on it. NO MORE SPILLING!!! Did I mention that it’s a polypropylene construction? That means no chemicals are leached out of it! Score one for being healthy!!! They have that softer rubber feel to them, ala the Specialized-constructed bottles that kick ass. According to their website they have a bunch of different tops too for this type of bottle. Time to go out and replace your tired old bottles everyone. Spur on that economy! You know, be a good consumer.

Oh, I also added some Bontrager Race XXX Lite Bottle Cagesto the Ferrous. Completely unnecessary but … c’mon, how could I not? If they don’t work out I’m adding these, and the XXX will go to the Salsa. Race in Iola on Sunday … FINALLY!

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