2140. Learn it. Fear it.

Ok, that’s a little too hardcore to be wholly honest. But it’s a good number to know since it’s the number I will be racing with all season in the WORS Series this year! Now you know who to cheer on since I’ll be rocking a different jersey this year. Yeah, I’m actually not racing for the UW for the first time in forever … I guess that’s part of growing up. Weird?

Gorgeous day, all sunshine with no clouds. The course was a great mix of hilly anaerobic climbs and flowing singletrack. The Ferrous was … unlike any other bicycle I had ever ridden. I’ll save you from my overzealous praise for the bike, but I’ll say 2 things: 29ers are real. I want to hump my bicycle.

The second one might be a little hard to fathom, but seriously, she rides that well and is that great on the singletrack that even without riding since last September, I found myself gapping people hardcore in those areas, only to be destroyed on the hills.


The winter was a hard one. I was 6 minutes slower this year then when I did this race last Sept. Then again, I placed nearly the same overall as I did last Sept too … so EVERYONE got slower it seems. At least I know what I can do, and now I have to put in the effort to get to a proper racing fitness. I’m lighter than I was last fall (by nearly 15lbs!) so if I can get my power back up I’ll be able to fly up those hills. At least that’s the plan.

I have some riding scheduled for every day this week, as well as the next. Tonight I did a nice 24 mile loop around the Holy Hill area. It sucks riding alone, the one burst I had was when I saw some people climbing ahead of me and I caught them with no effort … only to feel drained when there was not another little carrot hanging out in front of me. So most of my solo training will be breaking through that mental barrier – at least I have Wed night group-rides and time trials in Milwaukee to look forward to. I have some goodies that I’m planning to get which I will be sure to post about in the near future. I’m such a tech geek it’s fantastic. I still don’t have my extra 29er tubes or CO2, so I can’t ride that on the road yet (trust me, I will be as much as possible!) But rain or shine … I need to get those hours in.

I guess with that being said … my results for the weekend were actually a lot better than I expected.

11 / 22 in my age group – 25-29 year olds.

70 / 240+ in the Sport Class.

I know where I stand, it’s time to kick some ass. 2140 … if you see me out there, cheer for me, k?


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I pedal a lot and spend time on two wheels. Greenie at heart. I have one chance at this whole life thing - so I better make the most of it.

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