A rest day without any rest!

Like my almost cryptic post title? It’s Wednesday and officially a day off from the bike (unless it stops raining and then I’m going to hit up some sweet time trial action at Crystal Ridge. Last night I was able to get to the Northern Kettles and check out the Greenbush trail system for a while. I’ve heard some things about this trail system – mainly that it was boring but super fast doubletrack. This used to be true it would seem. The doubletrack is fast, rolling, great for an aerobic workout or getting out-of-the-saddle for fast sprint climbs. Nice scenery too, I’ll be coming back for this aspect alone. In the last year or so though, a lot of real singletrack has been put in and that’s really a joy to ride. Most of it seems to lay on the inner edges of some of the kettles in the area – one wrong move and you get to fall down a steep slope, or up one. The trail itself is easy when taken slowly, but it’s designed to flow real well it seems. You can get yourself into real trouble real quickly if you don’t know what you are doing and go too fast.

I, admittedly, had to hold back a bit. There was a great reason for this though — in my haste to get out to the trails and just look to de-stress for a bit, I packed everything except my HELMET. One of the largest of rookie mistakes you can make. I had driven nearly an hour to get here, so I wasn’t about to NOT ride. Hoping that the Reaper was not going to make his eventual visit that evening I braved the woods sans-helmet.

No, I wouldn’t do it again.

Riding without your gear is strange. Things feel different, things are sensed differently. There’s that nagging feeling in the back of your head that if things go wrong you’re pretty much screwed. I feel the same way w/o my gear on the motorcycle – it just doesn’t feel right. I guess that is a testament to how long I’ve been riding properly then. When you’re missing just a single piece of your ritualistic gear … the whole world seems upside down. Not a fun place to be in.

So that all being said, singletrack was a nice diversion. Good workout. I only put in about 45 minutes of riding, but will be back for more. That makes 4 days in a row for training/racing. The weather tonight looks iffy … I’m seriously considering heading out to the time trails if possible. I must leave for a trail workday soon, and I have the feeling I won’t be able to leave the office when I want to – hence the “no rest” part of the rest day.

If I don’t race I’ll have a fun little special on using woodland plants to make a meal. Tonight’s recipe? Garlic Mustard Pesto! (There’s got to be SOMETHING we can do with this … it’s god damn everywhere! UGH!)


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