I have been derelict in my duties!

So I guess I’m taking this a lot more seriously, as every day that I’m not blogging about something I honestly feel bad. Not so much for you guys (even though I really appreciate you reading!!!) but because that’s just things I am going to forget for the future. I’ve been extremely busy at work and some other great things have been happening lately that’s kept me from sleeping for the proper hours, but Here’s a brief recap of what’s coming soon with a whole backlog of posts!

Last Thursday – Meet your State Natural Areas episode 2: #353 – Huiras Lake

Fri – Hello, this is Gary Fisher, perhaps you’ve heard of him?

Sat – The Garmin 305; why it kicks ass. Mountain Biking @ John Muir in the Kettle Moraine Forest

Mon – Garlic mustard pesto … take two!

Tues – Burnt out!

Wed – AmeriCorpses; when zombies attack.

Thur – Wisconsin Natural Heritage Corps goes kayaking!

I have pictures, I have stories, I have my own wit and sense of style to add as bits and bytes into this increasingly expanding intarwebs that we spend so much time on. The only thing I don’t have is time – cause tomorrow I am spending another morning at the Southern Kettles MTB training, in the afternoon I am motorcycling (FINALLY OH MY GOD ABOUT FREAKIN’ TIME!) and that leaves me with just enough time to make some phone calls for volunteers for the Trust, blog a bit and get enough sleep so I can ride to work Sat (hooray!) and then prep for my race in Lake Geneva on Sunday.

Good thing I have my trusty camera, I think I might have a picture or two to share. Catch ya on the flip side!



About Geo

I pedal a lot and spend time on two wheels. Greenie at heart. I have one chance at this whole life thing - so I better make the most of it.

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