Re-capping the month!

I know I said I wouldn’t let this happen, but hopefully with all the stuff that follows you’ll see why I’ve been basically running around with my head cut off with levels of activity that I haven’t seen before in my professional and private life! I won’t go into it all, but here are the highlights from August!

Kicking ass and taking names!

That’s right. I had a trackday at the end of July that I didn’t post about till the proper pictures came in.
The trackday went amazingly. All I could’ve hoped for and I had the opportunity to borrow a lap timer.

My fastest time?


I should also mention that I got bumped up to the advanced class in the afternoon. The control riders approached me and asked if I wanted to move up, as they had been watching me ride in the previous sessions. I was pretty excited.

AmeriCorps … FUCK YEAH!

Heritage Corps!Now, into proper August! My last Month with AmeriCorps and the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust was a great one. It went by amazingly fast, and with all the work being done on our sites it is easy to see why. I’ve had the opportunity to control: autumn olive, honeysuckle, spotted knapweed, phragmites, queen anne’s lace, and purple loosetrife. Lots of planting being done at the Mequon Nature Preserve with the 300 boxes of plants that were donated by the Prairie Nursery. The We Energies work party that I was planning these last couple months was a complete success, and I think really helped me leave everyone with a great final impression of the work that I’ve done there. It’s the 30th, which means that since my term ended on the 27th, I moved back to Madison on the 28th and this is officially my 2nd day here. It’s good to be home. It’s all a bit bittersweet, my friends (technically co-workers and managers of me too): Kristin & Maggie, both kicked ass and were a blast to work with. The Land Trust has all my information, and they know they’ll be seeing me again as a proper volunteer in the near future.

Bling bling, yo!

The Kewaskum WORS race was held in the middle of August as well. This race would mark the first time I actually stayed a full weekend in Slinger too, somewhat humorous to me considering that I had lived there 5 months already. The course was not technically difficult, but it was mostly grassy doubletrack which means that you have to go flat out as hard as you can for the entire damn race. No areas to rest, no singletrack to recover, it was a HARD race. 3 laps went by in a little over an hour (!!!) and when it was all said and done, the top 3 finishers in my age group were within 20 seconds of eachother. I brought home another silver. 😀

Down but not out!

I had another trackday on the 23rd of August! My first full advanced day, I had a couple butterflies in the morning. The minute I got onto the track I was grinning and probably hollerin’ inside my helmet out of sheer joy. Laptimes continued to fall, and before lunch I dipped into my lowest laptimes yet! 1:22.9! I hit my goal for the day before lunch! What would happen next? 4 laps into my first session after lunch I entered turn 1 a little wide off the racing line. I came into the bumpy part of the track just a foot off the apex exit that’s caused by the cars going around there. Normally this hasn’t been a problem for me, but I’m going much faster now it seems … so it became a problem. As I’m going through the corner I knew in my head that things were a little dicey, but I was committed to holding it — which I did until my front tire gave out. The front end tucked and the rest of my body hits the tarmac. Bike and rider separated, skidding off into the grass. The bike faired well, sliding to a stop in the soft earth w/o flipping luckily. I, however, did an amazing mid-air backwards somersault before coming to a stop. A quick once-over of the bike showed that I had left my front-brake lever in the grass somewhere, but everything else magically was unbroken. I … was also OK it seemed. Weird. 60 mph and not a scratch on me? Yeah!!!!

I was able to secure a new brake lever, and grip – got re-teched to make sure the bike was in good working order, and within the hour I was back out on the track. With 2 sessions left in the day, I had a blast. The firest session after lunch was more of a “is the bike still working properly?!” test run. It passed. The last session of the day I was able to get back into the 1:23s, and I set my 2nd fastest lap of the day: 1:23.4. Not bad for crashing just 2 sessions ago, eh? Next trackday is the 6th and 7th of Sept at Blackhawk. I’m stoked.

We build the worlds best bikes.

One Shot!The Trek Dealer Show also happened in August. I have some fun photos from there on my Flickr page. There are a lot of amazing bicycles coming out, and I’ll be making some large purchases soon. With how things are, it’s a fantastic time to be in the bike industry and I do believe Trek is making the largest strides to really do the most for the world of cycling. It’s utterly fantastic. I start my first day as a full-time employee tomorrow the 31st. I’m excited, to say the least!


No other news to report, I think. The house is rearranged to look amazing, I’m living back in Madison amongst friends, family, and the city I love. The future has never looked brighter for me, and I’m ready to get out and have a blast again. The updates will come a little more frequently now that I have more time. Besides, there’s always more going on in Madison anyways. Till the next time!


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