I never want to do that again …

So I had an interesting weekend at the track. Amazing weekend, actually. I am now running in the 1:20s, with a 1:20.5 being my fastest time recorded. Dad’s been kicking ass as well, and he had his first weekend in the Intermediate group. All in all … a fantastic time!!!

I should mention that I had a bit of an accident on my last session on Sunday. I was in this awesome Zen state on the bike: time was slowing down, everything was going perfectly, the bike and I were one. I was running the bike as fast as they’ve ever seen someone ride it around certain parts of the track. I was in motorcycle nirvana.

Then it happened.

Around corner 4 at Blackhawk Farms, there is a small dip and bump in the road along the exit to the corner. I hit it and my rear tire spun up. I felt her go sideways and knew what was going to happen… it’s every motorcyclists’ worst nightmare on the track. There are two kinds of crashes on a motorcycle usually: lowside & highside. A lowside is when the bike just loses traction around a corner and you go sliding. It’s not too bad, not that violent, easy to walk away from. A highside is when the rear suspension loads itself up and catapults you off the bike. I had just found myself in the beginning of this and before I knew it … I was airborne.

I estimate I was doing 50 to 60 miles per hour, I remember it all after I was thrown from the bike. I was in the air for a second or two and with a violent crash I hit the ground. I tumbled for a long time, I distinctly remember thinking to myself “Why haven’t I stopped yet?” as I felt the earth and sky spin around me. Finally stopped … and wow, was a little dizzy.

Once I hit the ground, I apparently tumbled for another 40 feet, doing 5 or 6 flips / sommersaults. My ankle was in quite a lot of pain, as well as my right pinky. I knew that it wouldn’t be good. I got checked out by the ambulance, and hit up the ER in Madison. Good times.

Damage Report:
– Severely sprained left ankle
– fractured pinky tip on my right hand
– they had to reinsert my fingernail into my pinky, as it was torn out from the impact
– suit blew a seam (finally?) in the right elbow armor
– 2 day old helmet? Ohhh … yeah.
– Bike is moderatly ok, just needs a new can, a couple other small things, and it’s fine.


So … I’m on crutches right now. 4 – 6 weeks till I’ll be better they say. My finger? 4 months till it’s all healed up. It looks like a Zombie finger right now, it’s NOT pretty. But, spirits are high. I have lots of vicodin, and great friends to help get me through the next week or two. So it’s all not bad. My track season is done though, as is my cycling season. Ah well. It’s been an amazing year riding, and I’m amazed at how much progress has been made. I can’t wait to get back out and show what I can do again.

I’ll update on my progress later on. Pinky gets in the way of typing so I’m gonna stop now. I’m damn lucky that I am not injured more, that’s for sure. I think the medication is kicking in too … I have no idea where I was going with that.

This was not an experience, though, that I ever wish to repeat.


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