Screw the veggies. Pass me a beer and some twinkies.

In my late night insomnia (thank goodness for 3pm – 10pm shifts…) I ran across an article that describes a new kind of eating disorder. Forget not eating, and forget using Mr. Finger to get thin … there’s a new kind of disorder on the block:


Apparently too much of a good thing IS bad for you afterall.

Check the article out, it tells about people who are so obsessed with eating healthy that it actually turns out to hurt them.

My parents instilled a bit of wisdom in me a long time ago: everything in moderation. (including moderation … ha!) Jokes aside, there’s so much obsession over this, that and the other with everything from calorie counting, to over-exercising and just plain unhealthy living through healthy ideas. How about we all take a step back … look at it all, and just strive for some sort of balance in our lives. The article is worth a read, if anything, just to laugh at the following comment

“You become what you consume. You consume dead food, and death accelerates its presence,” diet guru Viktoras Kulvinskas said. Kulvinskas is a leading advocate of the “raw food” diet. Raw foodists believe cooking vegetables even a little destroys their nutritional value. And eating meat is even worse, Kulvinskas said, because you eat the animal’s fear.”

I wonder if they make cookies with fear too. I bet they taste delicious.

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