Oh the beautiful irony of it all.

You might’ve seen the new Microsoft “I’m a PC” ads. If not, google them and check it out, I’m too lazy to link to them. They are loads better than those Seinfield ads that they tried, but I still think they completely miss the mark on dealing with what actually is going on. The whole Mac vs PC ad campaign has something that’s actually of substance: each one personifies the computer, but in the process also shows you features on how each one handles various tasks. This is useful, this actually works.

Sure, it has given a bit of the dorky look to those machines running Windows — but it’s not undeservedly so. When looking how they work, I mean … who wouldn’t want Justin Long working your processor?

That being said, the sweet irony of all this is the fact that Microsoft created those “I’m a PC” ads on Macs. Check it out: Microsoft’s ‘I’m a PC’ campaign created with Macs

Back to the drawing board?

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