I can walk! I can bike! Life is good.

Considering I was just barely hobbling along the last time I posted, I can officially say a lot of progress has been made. I said that in another couple weeks I would be doing some easy cycling – I didn’t let you down. With a sweet new lace-up brace I am able to get around quite well, and have been biking since Sept 29th.

For those that care to know, it had been 29 days without riding my bicycles anywhere. Almost enough to drive a normal person insane, let alone an obsessive-compulsive cycling junkie like me. I’ve taken time off before, but that was always voluntary. Being forcibly removed from something you love just plain sucks – no way about it.

Since the 29th I’ve been commuting to the TBS again. 29 days off a bike made the smallest hills (earth nipples? -thanks claire) lung-burners. It was amazing how much fitness I had lost in that time. Since that date, I’ve only driven to work once, as I was running super late. I’m hoping to have a 90% commute rate in October, so far I’m on the right track. My Ferrous was a little cumbersome to ride with a weak ankle, and I literally rode my Salsa to death. Both wheels are in need of new bearings, the bike itself is about ready to retire.

What is a cyclist supposed to do when he needs a sweet commuting rig to get him through the fall and winter?

The New Commuter!Why … build one up of course! I picked up a Trek Valencia and had some fun customizing her to my own personal taste.

Trek Valencia 20″
Bontrager Satallite Elite Carbon Fork
Race X Lite Stem
Bontrager XXX-Lite Handlebar
RXL Inform Saddle
Select-Crank w/reverse-reverse threaded pedals
1×8 gearing
Lots of lighting.

She’s the perfect commuter bike. The 17th makes a full week with her, already have over 100 miles as well. Not bad for strictly a commuter bike! Extremely nimble, yet study handling. This is a bike that I can dodge cars with w/o breaking a sweat, or ride a few miles without touching the handlebars. My commute isn’t any slower than w/my road bike, and it’s loads more comfortable for a trip such as this. I’m quite excited about the coming winter: the plan is to ride every day possible throughout the winter and spring to work.

I have made a couple changes to her since that last photo, but I’ll save those for later. This isn’t the last commuting post you’ll see from me in the coming weeks.

My ankle still needs a brace, but the daily biking is helping a ton. Not going to be running anytime soon, but at least I hope to hit the MTB trails in another week or two. This Sunday makes 6 weeks since my accident – I doing a lot better than I thought I would be. Cheers!


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I pedal a lot and spend time on two wheels. Greenie at heart. I have one chance at this whole life thing - so I better make the most of it.

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