November Commuting Report!

Short and sweet.

I didn’t bring my Garmin inside for this, but I can pretty much get a good idea just from … you know, guessing.

18 out of 21 days worked this month I commuted in. Thanksgiving was a little weird and I was having pedal issues so that prevented me from getting those last couple days in. One day was working at the West-side, so I won’t count that against me too much. ;D

That’s another 250+ miles put on the Valencia at least in this eleventh month of the year. Not bad with the temperatures dropping, and a few problems with … pedals falling off. Just a hint to everyone: make sure your pedals are threading properly, and your cranks aren’t threaded opposite of what they should be. Things come loose, those things being pedals. As much as I love float, I don’t think it’s helpful to have enough where the pedal comes straight out with bits of metal prancing about. Trust me on this.

The commuter bag rocks, I use a pannier quite often as well to supplement the bag for whatever I might be picking up here and there while along the commute. With snow finally on the ground the studded tires will come in handy. I haven’t posted a photo in a while, I’ll be doing that tomorrow once I get the new crankset on the Valleygirl.

I also added more lights. Sweeeeeet.

Staying warm will be the least of my concerns starting tomorrow, East Washington isn’t as plowed as I had hoped along the sides (ALTERNATE SIDE PARKING PEOPLE, IT’S NOT THAT HARD! 😛 ) but I guess that’s why I have enough lighting to blind a small child behind me.

2 – 5″ of snow tomorrow by the time I get ready to ride home. I’m giddy with excitement! 😀


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I pedal a lot and spend time on two wheels. Greenie at heart. I have one chance at this whole life thing - so I better make the most of it.

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