Building up some cool stuff!

Visual Merchandising is one of the extremely important pieces to the retail sales puzzle. If someone sees something in a package, do they have the imagination to see what could be done with it? What makes a bike just sitting in there in a rack appealing? (Other than it’s awesomeness of being a Fisher) People love stories; telling them, listening to them, being just involved in them. A proper display tells a story … so that’s what we aimed to do on Thursday.

We started out in our Mountain Bike section and halved one of our bike displays.  It makes a good starting canvas for what we have planned.

Step 1

All we had to go on was basically a piece of scrap paper with some shakily-drawn lines on it that somehow resembled bikes, and even some North-shore styled stunts.  I come from a drafting background so I will admit that I was a little wary of this whole idea beginning out like this.  Measure twice, cut once is not just a rule, it’s a way of life.  O’Donnell, on the other hand, had the vision and as you can see, Andrew and I were a little cautious about it all.

Step 2

It should be noted that if you cut something wrong, just make sure you have spare pieces and you can totally cut things right.  (Somehow we only made a mistake on the original posts for support … everything else was perfect after that!)

Step 3

The project started coming together, a frame was built to support everything.  The image in the background definitely served as an inspiration to build it to this scale.

Step 4

We laid down our baseboards for support.  Now we have a platform all ready to go.

Step 5

Andrew and Matt started up with the construction of the bridges, it was starting to come together.

Step 6

Interim picture, things are coming along nicely.

Step 7

We added in a second bridge heading the same direction; the two obstacles came together to share a common exit point.  Ferns and real logs now can make up the rest of the decoration process.  The display is done!  It’s missing character though – how often does stuff stay looking new when it’s outdoors being ridden all the time?

Step 8

The most important thing that I was able to contribute to this whole project was the color choice in the wood stain.  I will say that it brought the whole display together, and it really makes it look like a real free-ride obstacle that you’d find out in the woods.  After an entire day of building, we had our story.  We’re waiting on a couple bikes to place on top still that fit in better.  We are getting special signs made for the display, and adding in tree stumps as well.  All in all, a fantastic – UNIQUE – display here at our store.

Step Final!

Remember earlier when I mentioned the original plans being drawn out and how we didn’t really measure a thing?  Well, the final product looked exactly like the drawing.  Position of the bikes, angles of the bridges … everything.  I still can’t believe it.

We have some more projects in the idea phase right now.  Makes you want to try out a 29er though, doesn’t it?


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I pedal a lot and spend time on two wheels. Greenie at heart. I have one chance at this whole life thing - so I better make the most of it.

2 responses to “Building up some cool stuff!”

  1. highwaymunky says :

    Very cool!
    My LBS has something similar but with less folliage! I like the log.

    But tell me what is the predicted number of injuries when trying to get the gary fisher down….. i’d say a bruise and scrapped knee!

  2. tannersoap says :

    I don’t think I’d ride a 29er on that, but I do know that it looks bitchin’.

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