Keeping the hands toasty.

While at the Bike Fed bike swap on Sunday, there wasn’t much that really caught my eyes. Lots of parts, a sweet Bontrager wheelset that I should’ve picked up, bikes and other doodads. Other than grabbing a sweet calendar, I found one other item that I was able to put to good use tonight as I rode to my parent’s house.

I picked up a set of Side Trak CliMitts. They are also known as “pogies.” A winter cycling staple among those in the Arctic, when the temperatures start dropping there is almost nothing better for your hands.

The idea is simple – provide a wind/weather proof barrier around your hands and keep the air around your fingers as warm as possible. These ones here have a super soft fleece on the inside that helps trap air, as well as reflective stripes on the top for excellent be-seen characteristics. They install in seconds by wrapping around the bars, and all you do is insert your hands and grip the controls normally.

How well do they work? On my test ride TO my parents house I wore a pair of gloves that I normally wear when it’s about 45 out. It was sunny and 7 degrees. My hands were beyond warm, I almost considered taking the gloves off to test. The brake levers were still cold from sitting out overnight, and that’s the only bit that was the slightest bit chilled in my cocoon of heat.

Sure, they do look a little dorky when you are riding. But just think about how warm your finger will be when you show it to the naysayers. That in itself, is definitely worth it. My ride home will be closer to 0 and in the dark. I have no doubts that it was $35 well spent as I try to ride through the entire Winter.

Ice on the Lake

Ice? What ice? I see great riding weather for the next 3 – 4 months!


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