Having some fun with Wordle.

An (admittedly late) shout-out to Alex over at chasing something for this incredible time waster. It’s been a long day, so to help ease the mind a bit I decided to use Worldle to create a cloud from some of my Winter Riding posts. Check it out!

Though the Winter

Like I said, just a little diversion. I was sick all last week, and spent most of it with a bad fever. My bike was lonely. Lots going on out there it seems though … a special thanks to Claire, the Harry Potter audiobooks have been amazing as of late.

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About Geo

I pedal a lot and spend time on two wheels. Greenie at heart. I have one chance at this whole life thing - so I better make the most of it.

3 responses to “Having some fun with Wordle.”

  1. claire says :

    Glad you’re enjoying the Stephen Fry ^_^ This week I discovered that he losses soporific power at altitude, alas.

    Can’t wait to get back to Wisco! Say hello to my fat kitty for me.

  2. Alex says :

    Dude – no shout out for sharing the link?

  3. Geo says :

    Duly noted and fixed, Alex!

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