Freshening up the ride.

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This winter has been hellacious on my treasured Valencia. With the days getting warmer, the snow melting, outdoor rides along city trails through puddles, mud, grass and more snow has been wreaking complete havoc on the drivetrain.

I took a bit of the afternoon after work to hang around the shop and overhaul things a bit. The caked on road salt, road dirt, car dirt, dirt dirt was about as bad as I’ve seen it. We had a rep from FinishLine stop in the other day, and he dropped off a lot of product samples for lubrication and cleaning. Sweet!

So I’m giving some stuff a try, so far so good. I used the Bike Wash to do the detailing. It worked alright, sorta smells like bubble gum which isn’t all that surprising with the neon pink color it has. My favorite bike-cleaner remains to be Pedros Bike Lust. Shiney, smooth, slippery … Oh yeah baby, that’s the stuff.

I forget how many miles I’ve had on my Valencia so far, but I know it hasn’t been thousands. A note to those that ride daily in all conditions: YOUR STUFF WEARS FASTER! My chain was surprisingly stretched to over 1/16th of an inch and was in need of replacement already. This was a good thing, as there was no way I was going to attempt to clean this black, greasy, nasty chain and not shorten my life considerably with various chemicals. The cassette was fine, as was my chainring. A short trip to the parts washer turned them into shiny, new, ungrimey parts that were in good working order again.

Add in a new chain, a quick drip of TriFlow into the cables and BAM. My commuter bike is back to shifting smoothly. I’m done with the Syn-Lube I have been using all winter, and am going to test out the *cue the trumpets* Ceramic Wet Lube (fancy sounding, I know.)  Hopefully this will help keep things a little cleaner as I try to pile on the miles.  With a fresh cleaned bike, the ride seemed ever so smoother as I cut through the wind like a streamlined slippery wing.

Too bad it snowed 4 inches today.  Mother Nature … I give up.  You’ve broken my spirit.  Now I’m going to bike pure out of spite and hatred for your cruel ways.

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