Getting through the winter.

Winter sucks.

There, I said it.  It’s always fun going into a new season with all the gusto of a little child heading to Disney World, but after a while it just gets old.  With 6 inches of snow on the ground from last week, and a couple more expected in the near future it’s taking quite a lot to not fall into some kind of seasonal killing rage.  The signs of spring are here though, the sun is stronger and warmer; the garlic mustard is showing in the melted snow areas (ugh), and my window of Orchids is in bloom.

So this is what’s currently blooming in the final week of February.  Seeing these will surely help me get through the next couple weeks.


Phal. equestris x schilleriana

Phal. equestris x schilleriana

Phal. equestris x schilleriana

Phal. Dragon's Dazzler

Just one more that I am waiting to have bloom. It’s getting close. The yellow orchid “Dragon’s Dazzler” actually has a slight scent to it, it was quite a surprise when I smelled it this morning.

I want to punch a groundhog too. Just thought I’d let you know.


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One response to “Getting through the winter.”

  1. Jigsaw hc says :

    Nice. Those looks really good. I just planted my spring garden Saturday since we’re pretty much through our winter.

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