One of a kind.

Madone SS
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A while back I acquired a frame of mythical status.  I can’t say who or how I bribed/whacked/or begged to get this, but it was a very special deal that transpired and I was able to snag myself a very unique bicycle frame.

A lot of you who know me have seen this hanging in my room for the last few months, and I finally bartered for some more parts and decided it was time to built up my MadoneSS™ – or, as a good friend puts it, the MUBE; which stands for: Most Useless Bike Ever.

The bike is an Aero-tubed OCLV 120 Madone. CNC machined horizontal dropouts were bonded into the frame at one point, and all extra bits have been removed. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I could put on it, and while it’s currently rideable it’s nowhere near done.

Component List:

  • Trek OCLV 120 Madone Frame 58cm w/horizontal dropouts – Race Lite HCM Carbon Fork
  • Custom White Race Lite Rims built on a carbon RXL Hub & Bontrager Flip-Flip hub
  • Chris King Headset (circa 2001)
  • Race XXX Lite Bullhorn Handlebars
  • Race XXX Lite Stem
  • Race XXX Lite Seatpost
  • Race XXX Lite Saddle
  • Bontrager Race XXX Lite Speed Limit Brakes (1 of 500 pairs made!)

The crank, chain, and pedals are all works in progress, at least till I can get exactly what I want.  Properly colored Bontrager Tires are on the way too.

Next step?  Paint the frame.  It should be warm enough this week to even consider riding her into work.  This bike is a rocket – looks like one too!  Check out the photo and the rest of the album for detailed images!

See my grin? :D!


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I pedal a lot and spend time on two wheels. Greenie at heart. I have one chance at this whole life thing - so I better make the most of it.

One response to “One of a kind.”

  1. Surly Soldan says :

    Looks Awesome, Can’t wait to see the paint job. Parts list is way over my head but sounds wicked.

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