Spring Break at the NOC: #2

No time it seems to do anything! Another late little update!

Day 2: A little extra!

Day 3: Yay dirt.
Day 3 had us riding in the rain again. Decided that riding in the rain on a borrowed bike, on the road, when it was cold would suck.
MTB riders!
Played in the dirt instead. Put on 10 miles on the Ferrous riding along the trails just behind our cabin. Was a blast. I love dirt. Celebrated St. Patrick’s day with some beer, shenanigans, and streaking. Good times. I hope I never have to see those videos again.

Day 4: Tsali here we come!
Rode at Tsali with about a big group of others. Beer legs from the night before were fun. Amazing scenery.
More lake!

Bike got dirty. Got sweet video. I love MTBing.

Home from Tsali

Day 5: The Cherohalla Skyway
Up super early, started at 8am. Rode out to the skyway with a sweet group of friends. Easy pace is good.

On the ride to Cherohalla

13 mile climb marked the halfway point of the day. Put on headphones, let Daft Punk guide me up the mountain, played in the pain cave for an hour and a half. Made it to the top, was happy.


On the top, those who competed in the Mustache Competition posed for a group shot. Good times by all.

"Moustache Ride."

Turned around, hit 52mph on the descent. Rode another 50 miles … completed my first Century. Hard day.  Good day.

Day 6, 7 and 8!
The last two days were a little less eventful as far as riding was concerned. Injured myself wrestling the CycloSconnie and had large bicep cramps for the next 2 days. Totally worth it though in my opinion. Missed out on the blue ridge parkway though, good reason to go back next year though. Day 8 we left NC early, rode Deal’s Gap in the JEEP on the way home and got back before Midnight. Success.

I have videos to post. My GoPro Hero camera kicks ass. I also worked 60 hours my first week back from Vacation. You know what? I couldn’t be happier. 😀

Back to normal life now though, things have settled down slightly … rockin’ the bike paths as of late.  No more road bike, but that might be changing soon.

Oh, and now that I have things in order … I have some cool stuff planned here too.  Rock it!


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