Tyres, Gryps, Style.

I took off the winter studs just a week ago – and while we’ve already had a day or two of snow (which melted right away!) I think it’s safe enough to say … SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!!!

Lots of 50º riding, lots of sunshine, lots of time to spend riding w/o fear of freezing my arse off, or carrying tons of extra clothing.

I also picked up some new-season goodies for my trusted commuter steed.Spring GoodiesSince I gave away the tires that came on the Valencia, I needed new ones that would help me slay the bike paths. I chose the Bontrager H2 Deluxe set of tires in a 700×28 configuration. So far results have been great. They corner great on the pavement, really feel fantastic on the road – not harsh even at 80PSI and supple enough to smooth out the chatter – and have that awesome Tron-inspired tread pattern which they say makes it great for wet conditions too. All I know, is they look and feel great. Score one for Bontrager!

In an attempt to class up my ride, I also went with a set of Dapper Dan Ergo Grips from those awesome fellas at Portland Design Works. They locked on with ease, don’t slip or slide when my hands are on that smooth leather, and I feel like I should be riding with a lot more tweed than I normally do. HIGHLY recommended if you’re looking for grips. I mean … look how good they make the Valencia appear!

Classy grips!

Style and class … all from grips. Yeah, I’m stoked.

Just wait till you guys see what I have planned next! I hope to to get my next set of goodies in the next few weeks.


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I pedal a lot and spend time on two wheels. Greenie at heart. I have one chance at this whole life thing - so I better make the most of it.

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