First week back on the trails!

Easter Morning! Some of them, at least!

This week marked my first week MTB riding in Wisconsin since late last fall. The long winter of commuting, riding on the snow and ice on a bike even heavier than my Ferrous 29er was fantastic for my skills and fitness. I only got a slight taste of it the other week during my vacation at Tsali – but after riding some familiar trails, things are definitely looking up!

The week brought sunny weather, temperatures in the 40s and 50s, and dry – albeit sometimes tacky trails. Spending Thursday and today on some sekret trails, and Saturday at the John Muir trails in the Southern Kettles I was able to get in 52 miles of riding. Not bad, eh?

Technical skills are better than ever – I feel fluid in the corners, and am keeping tons of speed around the twisty bits. I still need to work getting over logs while keeping proper momentum (something that’s plagued me for years) but I’m able to ride things that I wouldn’t have dared try in the past.

As it turns out, riding one of these built structures today led to a slight incident. To help celebrate Zombie Jesus Day – Rosch and I headed out and did some early morning MTB riding. Near the end of the ride there was very sweet wooden berm that has a bumpy exit, followed by a steep rolling drop right after the sharp left turn. I rode the berm a little high, and came down a little too sharp in my angle. My left handlebar ran into a tree and I then went flying down the drop, tangled with my bike, and somersaulted in some amazing acrobatic maneuver that I didn’t think I was capable of. Massively bruised shin started shooting a bit of pain into my leg, but other than that … I was ok. When I looked up, there was my bike.

Upside down.

Rear wheel straight up in the air.

Hanging against another tree right above me.

You have no idea how much I wish I had my camera with me. Everything seemed alright when I righted myself and my bike, but I realized that my rear wheel had a slight issue.

This would make my 3rd wheel I’ve bent enough to warrant replacement in my MTBing career. I should have an new one by Tuesday though! Next day off is Wed … Blue Mounds or Cam Rock: Here I come?!

Oh, I found a frame to build up a road bike too. More on that later.

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