Spending a day in dirt.

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This past Saturday marked a return to the trails since my littleincident a couple weeks back. A heavy work schedule and illness prevented me from riding since then, it felt great to be back in the trees.

There was a special event held in a super secret place by a killer bike making company to celebrate the opening of their trails for the season to employees. Like last fall, it was a time trial event and helped me gauge myself for the upcoming season.

Was a good turnout, and I apparently finished a minute faster than I did last year. It’s all on the technical stuff – no way I am ANY faster up the hills than I was before. Time to lay off the beer … seriously. Others who have been putting in more training finished minutes faster than they did last year, so major kudos there.

After the TT at Jim’s, Claire, Smashly, and I hit up Cam-Rock for some technical singletrack in Cambridge. They’ve been doing a ton of trail-work there, major props to the guys who build with CORP. I’ve been building there before, and it’s a blast. As soon as I can make the time I’ll be there myself.

The day didn’t end after all that mountain biking either. To round off the night, there was dinner at an Indian restaurant. A symphony with a Scot. And a pub-crawl with a newly published author.

What’s next? Ridding my darn yard of Garlic Mustard. That’s what.


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