ANOTHER bike?!

Soho S
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To compliment the other bikes in my stable, I decided it was time to get a fun single-speed bike that I can use around town with little worry for keeping it safe while locked up around some more unsavory places around town. 😉

Say hello to my Trek Soho S.

Soon to be tricked out with lights, grips, and maybe another cool part here or there. This bike might actually be the least-modified one I ever own.

It’s a complete blast to ride, and I’ve even done my commute towork on it a couple times. Notice how I’m calling it “it” instead of “her.” This is an attempt to stop trying to personify all my bicycles.

Although, lets admit … having a harem of 5 bikes does sound pretty cool, doesn’t it?


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About Geo

I pedal a lot and spend time on two wheels. Greenie at heart. I have one chance at this whole life thing - so I better make the most of it.

2 responses to “ANOTHER bike?!”

  1. Jason Phillips says :

    Looks like a nice bike.. I am actually in the market for a new bike. I owned a 2006 Trek FX 7.5 Hybrid bike and I didn’t really like the feel of it. I guess I just didn’t feel stable on it. I never even attempted to ride to work on it because of this. I used to ride it on paved bike trails and that was ok but I just didn’t feel comfortable enough on it to take it out on the road.

    I replaced it with an electric bike that I had some problems with and returned.

    So now I am in the market again. The ones I am looking at are the Trek Soho, Cannondale Bad Boy and Trek Valencia. Not sure how a big with no gears would be since there are some hills on my way to work. The trip one way is 3 miles so it is not that far. Since you are a bike connoisseur I thought you might have some good advice.

  2. Geo says :

    The Soho’s gearing isn’t bad for moderate hills of shorter distance – I ride my MTB with a 1×9 gearing setup, and my Valencia with a 1×8. I rarely use a smaller ring and just tend to stand up and power up stuff … or at least try my best to! 😀

    The Valencia is definitely the super commuter of the bunch, the Soho is fast, simple, and fun. Not too familiar with the Cannondale though – give em all a ride, and go with what feels best, and with what LBS you feel most comfortable with. You’ll be relying on them a lot as you ride more – so that definitely should factor into your decision.

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