Rain rain rain.

White for the win!
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So Saturday proved to be an interesting morning for me. All this season so far for riding I’ve been rather disappointed that I haven’t had the need to really break out the rain gear. My fenders went unused, the rain jacket sat on the peg calling out for a wet day. Sure, some days were damp but nothing that required me to don the sweat-inducing plastic oven. (Reminder to self: buy better rain gear.)

Mother nature finally granted my wish, in a rather big way. Thunderstorms, inches of rain per hour, lightning and flooded streets – it was time to finally break out the proper gear!

It was a rather warm rainstorm which was nice, meant I wasn’t freezing to death as I drenched my legs riding through an inch or two of water running down some of the city streets. The fenders did their job quite spectacularly, and even though my arms were wet from sweat, the rest of my upper body remained mostly dry from the torrential rain.

Special shout-out to Banjo Brothers – their commuter backpack kept all my gear (full change of clothing, towel, shoes, pitchbook, bike parts to give to Andrew, and my iPod) completely dry. I’d say it’s quite a thorough product test, I’m pretty stoked.

One thing to keep in mind after riding in the rain: you cannot dry/clean your bike fast enough to keep it running in perfect condition. I used this opportunity to clean my chain and re-lube it with Dumonde’s Bio Green chain lube. Quieted my drivetrain down to almost completely silent. This stuff ROCKS. One of my derailleur pulleys developed a nasty chirp, but some Tri-flow fixed that right up.

The ride home wasn’t wet at all. I’m definitely considering some new rain gear from Showers Pass is the Fall season hits. Rain + Cold isn’t nearly as fun.

Lightning = no problem. I’ll draw the line at tornados though.

I promise.


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