Bicycle Laws: An Inappropriate Response

An Inappropriate Response

An interesting article from BicycleLaw (courtesy of EcoVelo)

It’s worth a read, if you’re a cyclist be careful out there. If you’re a driver, be careful out there.

We need to look out for each other, being inside a car seems to alienate oneself from the outside world — it happens to me when I’m driving around: tempers flare up faster, it becomes more and more about what I need to do and how fast I can get there, it’s generally a complete opposite of when I’m on my bike.

It’s an interesting mentality switch. I think it means I just need to bike more.

While you are over at Bicycling Law check out this movement that’s been gaining strength in quite a few states: Stop as Yield Laws

Hoping it gets some momentum in Wisconsin, the safety statistics are extremely interesting.


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