Catching some Fall Colours.

With the weekend’s Cyclocross races cancelled it left me with a couple days off, and amazingly gorgeous weather to ride in. After remembering why I don’t drink like I used to, and spending most of Saturday recovering from the previous night’s frivolities, I did get a chance to finally ride off the hangover with an around town excursion with friends – a perfect precursor for the next day’s planned ride.

We hit up the Military Ridge State Trail on Sunday and rode out towards Mount Horeb (yay Trolls!) with an loop around County Road JG heading to Blue Mounds State Park. 5 hours, 61 miles and a lot of good riding with good friends. Here’s a link to the route we did and just a few photos from the ride.

The colours (I’m dating a British girl hence the funny spellings) were fantastic, the temperatures were perfect for long-sleeve jerseys, and my bike was completely mis-fitted to me so the day after I had some gnarly knee pain. After an impromptu fitting session courtesy of Andrew the bike’s all good to go now.

For now, though, enjoy some pics and check out myFlickr Photostream for a few more. 🙂


Look!  Fall!

Golden forest

Top of the world!

CX race on Sat! I’m also dreaming of winter riding.. Monster-cross also seems to be the latest bicycle genre I’m enthralled with. That … and Xtracycles

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