ROAD TRIP!!! – Jennings GP (Day One

I’ve only previously visited 2 tracks on my motorcycle: Blackhawk Farms and Road America. BHF is very much considered my “home” track. Road America is one of the most amazing tracks in all the US. Both are fantastic – but seeing something new is always a little fun.

An opportunity came up for my Dad and I to head out with our track-crew regulars of Motorcycle Solutions down to Florida to America’s ONLY Motorcycle Exclusive racetrack: Jennings GP. It’s a 2 mile, 14 corner track that can be run in either direction. It’s built on some 500 acres of land, completely cleared out of Floridian forest. I bet during the summer you have to watch out for the occasional Alligator coming out of one of the ponds on the property.

So on December 3rd we left the snowy weather of Wisconsin to drive straight down to Florida where … it’s still 50/60 degrees. An improvement, but we won’t be needing those shorts we brought it seems.

“We” consists of myself, my dad, and 7 other guys with equal amounts of two-wheel fixation on our minds. 3 trucks, 3 trailers, 9 bikes. The drive was long, fun, and cold. Friday we spent an exhausted afternoon checking out the track, getting setup in our hotels, grabbing some awesome cajun food at the Rajun Cajun, and passing out promptly by 8pm.

Today was our first day at the track, and WOW! The tarmac is GRIPPY! Even though our day started out in the rain, the track was drying by the second session and completely dry by the end of the third. Having never ridden in the rain before on a motorcycle it was an interesting experience. 50mph around a corner might seem fast, but on a track like this it’s about half as fast as you would be expecting to go in some areas. It worked out quite well – allowed the lot of us to get our bearings on this brand new track and learn the lines before things got fast in our Fast-Intermediate/Advanced group.

By afternoon the sun was shining, the temps were approaching the mid-50s, and the track was in fantastic shape. There is amazing amounts of grip out there – but WHOA MAN does it eat tires. I’m glad tomorrow’s going to be different … I don’t think the right-side of my rear tire could take much more of this!

There’s something truly special about being out on a track like this – since it’s motorcycle only, it just flows so incredibly well on a bike. The tarmac is an amazing condition. It’s very different from the other tracks I’ve been to. I should have videos up in the next few days – the GoPro is working well!

I didn’t get many photos from today, but here are some with more to come later on!

Wet Morning


Pirelli Pit

Ride side lookin' a little worn.

Dicing with the guys again is always fantastic. The adrenaline is on high right now. I’m back to shouting in fits of joy inside my helmet. Tomorrow we run the track it’s regular direction. I guess we didn’t come down this far for just one track – we came for two completely different tracks.

I’ll have more to post on the ride home. Time to give my legs some massaging and get another good night’s sleep. Got some kneepucks to destroy in the morning!!! :D!!!

Oh … my last 3 CX races were absolutely amazing. I think I’ll have to do a small report on the way back home. ;D Cheers!


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