Winter Wonderland.

I get back from Florida for one day and BAM. Mother Nature finally decides to spring Winter (hahahaha. I’m funny.) upon us by dumping 17+ inches of snow one day, and dropping the temps far enough to need a longer thermometer.

The path ahead!

No complaining on my part though. Winter brings some much needed diversity to the year, and the cycling season. The riding season isn’t done by any stretch, it just is altered to deal with the changing conditions. Riding through the cold temperatures, the packed snow, the silence of very few people being out during a snowstorm is just spectacular!

Enjoy some photos from my first real Winter ride of the year. Expect gratuitous gear shots and the like in the future.

White caps + White Snow

Terrace Snow

Banjo Bros Represent!
Always got dry gear with my Banjo Brothers Commuter Backpack

Slowest commute home ever … biggest grin ever. 😀


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About Geo

I pedal a lot and spend time on two wheels. Greenie at heart. I have one chance at this whole life thing - so I better make the most of it.

3 responses to “Winter Wonderland.”

  1. Mimi Flynn says :

    What bike are you riding? mind geeking out on how well the components held up to the weather? tires? shifting?

    • Geo says :

      Geek out? It’s what I do best! 😀

      I’m riding a Gary Fisher Mendota that I have been upgrading over the last couple months.

      The Deore/LX mix was more than up to the task of the snow, shifting remained smooth, and I had no issues in the following days single digit temperatures. Avid BB7 disc brakes have been a staple of my commuter bikes, they aren’t letting me down so far this year either.

      I absolutely love these tires in winter: Nokian Hakkepellita W106 700×35
      Good traction on the snow/ice that’s on the roads & paths around Madison, not overly aggressive but they are what I recommend to most others when asked about a good winter tire.

      I’m working on a full Alfine IGH conversion, should have the wheels built up and this ready to go by the start of the new year. I’ll have a full writeup on everything I’ve done to the bike sooner rather than later. It’s been fantastic over the last 4 months / 1000 miles commuting around town.

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