Tyres make all the difference!

I really like my XO2. I was running 700×34 CX tyres on it previously, and I had fun.

With temps soaring into the 30s (yes, still talking Fahrenheit here), I had to get out for some outdoor riding on a gorgeous day. Those “skinny” tyres just wouldn’t suffice though. It was time to finally mount my big tyres and go MONSTER CROSS.

XO2 MonsterCross

Fit up my Bontrager XDX 1.75″ 29er tyres, shaved off the drive-side outermost knobs on the rear, and marveled at what I had created. I’ve had a religious experience. This is just better. I don’t want to go back.

Bike Path

On the parts of the path where there was still ice/snow, especially in a particular area near the Town of Dunn where snow drifts were particularly bad the big tyres were excellent. All smiles. All the time.

Beautiful Day.

Finished riding, then went to hang with the UW Cycling team for Freezing for Safety. Spent a couple hours on the rollers there. Haven’t ridden rollers since I left AmeriCorps so it was nice to see that I haven’t lost all my skills. 😉

Spring is on its way soon! Better get all the snow riding in that you can before it’s all gone! 😀

In an effort to be more worldly, I am making an attempt to use the British spelling of “tyre” as often as possible. I am told by my girlfriend that it is the only proper spelling of the word anyways.

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