He’s escaped!

With being so busy lately I’ve had an escapee. Jen’s in California for the next 6 weeks at the The International Summer Institute for Modeling in Astrophysics and with me not around we’ve had a local fugitive escape us.

To make sure I can snap these photos and get them posted quick enough, I’ve started a photo-tumblr.

He’s pretty hard to keep up with and catch, maybe by the time Jen’s back we can work together and trap him properly again.

Till then … let me know if you’ve seen him anywhere: Where in the World is …

He’s considered armed … and huggable.


About Geo

I pedal a lot and spend time on two wheels. Greenie at heart. I have one chance at this whole life thing - so I better make the most of it.

One response to “He’s escaped!”

  1. kriggs1976 says :

    That picture is so cute! Is he still on the ‘missing list’?? lol


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