The New Commute.

I’m all settled in, so it’s about time to make a post of where I’m riding my bike to these days.  (For those that don’t already know!)

At the beginning of May I took over as the new Sales Manager at our West location of the Trek Stores of Madison.  New boss, new sales crew, new tech crew, new commute, new change of life!  It was quite a surprise being offered the position, and after 3 years of building everything that I had at the East store, it was really hard to leave and change things up for this new opportunity. The two sides of town are very different, and each one brings with them their own unique challenges. I’m having a blast – and being able to make my team be successful in what they do and help this store be even more successful is extremely rewarding.

Now, I do miss the more city-oriented commute – definitely feel like I’m traveling through the burbs of Madison, and not the real heart of the Isthmus on the way into work every morning. I might’ve made the comment that the West-side is it’s own little suburb of the REAL City … but don’t hold that against this born & raised North/East sider. ;D  The ride down the SW Commuter Path at night is eerie and thrilling at the same time – pitch black at night w/no lights.  Good thing I’m covered in that regard! 😀

So now 2 months into the new position, things have really started hitting their stride.  Starting to explore a little more around that part of town.  The best find was a wonderful French bakery that I can hit up on my way in right off Mineral Point Rd.  I’m absolutely loving what I do at my new store.

On a somewhat interesting note – by bike I’m within a tenth of a mile distance whether I commute to either the East or West stores.  I guess I’m in the center of my own cycling Universe.

How’s that for cool?

Catch ya later … West Syyyyyyyyyyyyde!

About Geo

I pedal a lot and spend time on two wheels. Greenie at heart. I have one chance at this whole life thing - so I better make the most of it.

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