An end to the easy.

Normally here in Southern Wisconsin I’m used to having inches upon inches of snow to either play in, or play on, and sometimes play around.  Through the first week of January there remained bare ground almost everywhere.  Temps approaching 50 and rain melted it all, and turned the rest into an ice-packed nightmare on the trails.

Life was not as fun.  Clear roads … where’s the challenge?!  Where’s the adventure?!  It’s like summer riding only you need long sleeves.  This will not do. It didn’t feel as cold as it usually was. Wisconsin is not living up to it’s exalted praises of being a land that creates warriors who outlast all other adversaries.

Mother nature … is finally coming to the rescue.

Slushy out there.

The snow continues to fall and while it makes for some messy commuting, the end result shall be spectacular. There’s something about riding in “nice” weather that just makes the world a little too cutesy. What keeps me strong?

“The best protection against nasty weather that I’ve found is a feeling of superiority and a contempt for the weakness of others.”

Give me cold. Give me snow. I want icicles on my eye-lashes if I forget to wear goggles.

I’m prepared. I have the gear. I have proper required nutrients. I need to get 3 seasons worth of mental healing into this one winter. I also really want to go snow-shoeing with my girl since we haven’t been able to yet, but that’s besides this hard-lined tough-guy point I’m trying to make.

Fist pumps of solidarity shall be shared amongst those who dare tempt Mother Nature’s wrath.

So I shall stand outside and yell to the sky, tempt the wrath to get some proper snow. I want it to take 2 hours to ride to work in the morning. I want to get home and collapse as I enter the door covered in ice, snow, and the broken dreams of all those sitting on trainers passing the hours by as they watch TLC.

Come on Mother Nature. Lets go outside. Dance. Lets make some epic memories.

This kinda of stuff, is the secret to all my smiles. ;D

(In reality, it’s just a whole hell of a lot of fun to get out and ride when you didn’t think you could. Especially when you have a snowbike … and there’s no snow. We’ll just pretend everything above is what is really happening though, ok?)

About Geo

I pedal a lot and spend time on two wheels. Greenie at heart. I have one chance at this whole life thing - so I better make the most of it.

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