Holey Rollers.

Snow bikes are fun. I have completely thrown myself into this fact. This is the most fun bike I’ve ever owned.

I wish for snow now. For cold. For hard crust to ride upon. On my days off I want to get out and breathe in the deep, cold air. Icicles, frost, falling snow … summer cannot compare.

That being said … my snowbike was missing something. Panaché. Just that little bit extra. I mean … my Large Marge rims were good … but well, everyone has these.

Before ...

I found … such a thing.

Speedway Cycles makes a rim called the UMA II. It’s 70mm wide. It comes pre-drilled. It’s 200g+ lighter per wheel. I also scored a set that was build up by a guy who knows his stuff, gave it a Surly front hub and XT rear, and would set the stage … for a transformation.

New Hoops!

Rim tape for rims like this have to be specially made. Gorilla tape works well. It also bulges ever-so-slightly when the tube is inflated. Makes for a sweet look. Two pieces of tape stuck together makes for a great canvas to put tape on the side facing out. It was this … that gave me an idea.

The Plan.

Using the old rim strip as a guide, I bought reflective tape and used the previously-made-bulges to size and position a pattern of reflective tape. Red and white. Easily seen. Looks sweet. Different. Panaché. Would it work? Well . . .


Wider rims gives me a little more float over the snow. Always a good thing.

Lighter rims makes it easier to pedal. Always a good thing.

Better looking rims give the bike a special panaché. Do I have to say more?

907 all set.

See you on the trails. I’ll be the one riding the good looking snowbike. 😀

About Geo

I pedal a lot and spend time on two wheels. Greenie at heart. I have one chance at this whole life thing - so I better make the most of it.

3 responses to “Holey Rollers.”

  1. Surly Soldan says :

    Those are so cool. I want one.

  2. Matt Gehling says :

    You have a thudbuster on your bike? Disappointed….

  3. Geo says :

    Ha! I’ve wanted one of those since I first started MTBing. Decided to finally give it a try! It’s on that MTB Bucket List. “Owned a Thudbuster” 😉

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