A new way forward.

So perhaps it’s a little fitting to begin a new adventure with just that – a new adventure. It’s not a big one, but it makes a difference. The Commute.

When I left the East-side Trek Store and moved to the West-side one of the things I never quite recovered from was the different commute. Gone were the days riding past the Capitol, down the Isthumus, past the Monona Terrace, through the city, past the community gardens and paths of new-growth prairie. It was flat, most bike paths, and felt like I was really traveling through a city.

The new commute was the exact same distance – to a tenth of a mile, but was just bland for the most part. Surburbia (I still believe the West-side is just a suburb of the REAL Madison … but that’s a different tangent entirely), riding through Neighborhoods, more bike lanes on the streets, but nothing but houses to ride by and eventually a Mall. The opportunity to hit off-road trails was there, but it didn’t make up the loss of that urban liveliness that I once had. Oh, there were also more hills that just dragged. In all complete honesty, commuting wasn’t as fun and would drag on. The bright spots came from the actual group-riding that occurred after work, but the scenery was lacking enough to actually be a drag. First world problems.

The New Commute

Well, for my last couple months here in the states my wonderful & beautiful wife and I had to move to an apartment just on the outskirts of Madison, in the city of Fitchburg. I know. We got married and moved to the ‘burbs. Oy.

My commute has changed again. I’m now taken through hilly terrain, my options to get to/from work are pretty different as well. I do get to ride a couple of main streets with bike lanes, through a wonderful park with lots of prairie and medium-sized climbs that actually keep things interesting. None of that long, shallow dull climbing. An option that I like to take includes a section of the Ice-age Trail in Wisconsin, which then connects me to the Military Ridge State Trail. It’s around a 10 mile one-way commute if I take that path, and the scenery along the way is absolutely wonderful. I still miss my Isthmus commute – but for these last couple months, I’m really enjoying it and the amount of riding I’ve done since moving has really shown it.

So here is a long post about essentially nothing. I have a nicer commute, and am happier because of it. The prairie-flowers are looking amazing right now, and I look forward to doing that ride home in the evenings to follow this weekend.

In just a few days time I’m done with my almost-5-years-at-Trek. It’ll be time to sort everything we own, decide on what we want to take, pack everything up, donate/sell the rest, and prepare for a new way of life in Japan.

Still not sure exactly where we are living when we get there – still waiting on word from the University. Jen’s Japanese is coming along well, and I probably should be studying instead of blogging right now.

So with that …


About Geo

I pedal a lot and spend time on two wheels. Greenie at heart. I have one chance at this whole life thing - so I better make the most of it.

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