The new flat!

I reserve the right to use the word “flat” instead of “pad, house, apartment, domicile or abode” as I did marry a British citizen and that gives me rights to the language by proxy.

Here we are.  Nagoya!  Aichi prefecture.  Housed off of Yakumo street in the wonderful Showa ward!  We are about a 5 minute walk from Nagoya University to the North, and the Nanzan University to the South.  If you pay attention to Facebook you might have noticed that it now lists that our “home” subway station is the Nagoya Daigaku (名古屋大学) station! That’s also just a 5 minute walk and gets us straight on the Meijo line with easy access to the rest of the city.  The neighborhood is quiet at night (yay crickets!) and seems fairly safe.  Not much wildlife but I’ll keep a running list of the city birds I see once I find a proper guidebook!

North ViewSouth View

We are still settling into the new place, but before we even got a chance to move anything in I did snap some photographs of what it looked like before we had a chance to make it our own.  It’s roughly 51m²- about 560ft².  Three main rooms and a small entryway that leads to two opposing rooms – one housing the toilet, and the other our laundry, shower/ofuro, and bathroom sink/vanity cabinet.

Bedroom, Kitchen/Dining/Familyroom all in one and my favorite … the Tatami room!



Tatami facing balcony!

It’s a bit smaller than the first place we would’ve been placed into, but we save a lot of money this way and it’s all we both need. As we come to live in a little more I’ll put up some new photos once things aren’t so barren as well. The Tatami room is great to relax in (it’s where I do most of my typing and job searching at the moment) and perfect for yoga.

Did I mention we have the AWESOME sliding japanese doors (Shoji doors) with every room? This is just better – all houses should be like this. I don’t know if I could ever go back.

Outside the little porch area (which has ample room for hanging up stuff to dry, they even include the hanging rack into the building for each flat) at night you can hear crickets, people walking and the soft glow of a Japanese vending machine is always there – silently guarding the night.

Night view off balcony.

If you’d like our mailing address let me know! We are here in this University-sponsored housing till next October. It will be fun in about 8 months time to look for our new place to live, and I can’t wait to report on how much fun it will be to find Japanese housing here in Nagoya. (I’m not sure the level of sarcasm that I am implying in that previous sentence, lets say a medium amount to avoid confusion until I can report back in 8 months time, ok?)


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