Mini-Cultural Note #1 – Sake Pouring!

In addition to reporting various things going on here that we are up to, I figure that the occasional bit on culture and the life that we are experiencing here would not only be relevant, but welcome to those following along.


Let’s start with a something short and sweet I learned the other night about pouring Sake. (酒)

It is impolite to not fill the glass all the way to the top. In fact, if you were at an establishment that serves Sake and the glass did not look like like the photo to the left, it would be expected for you to be upset at the situation presented to you and your drink and ask the pourer to top you up!

To help facilitate this wonderful display of surface tension, the glass is set into a small box. Upon pouring the glass, you fill it to the top and continue to pour.  Without the catch-box, this could get really messy – and wasteful! – as the Sake would then be spilled all over the table.  (I am unsure of the phrase for Party Foul in Japanese, but I am sure it exists.)  The extra Sake then washes over your glass into the box (I won’t say excess here, because I’m pretty sure there isn’t a phrase for “Too much Sake” either.)  This works out all too well.  Not only do you have a glass over-filled past the brim, and no mess to clean up, you ALSO have the chance to refill your glass with all the Sake that fell into the box!  What an amazing idea!  I’m sold. They need this with every drink.

Now I believe this to be wholly accurate as it did come from Japanese friends of ours, but we were all enjoying a night out to welcome another member to the Theoretical Astrophysics group so take everything said with a glass of Sake.  Or Two.


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