See food? Yes, lots of Seafood.

One of the things that we have been able to really experience here are various types of fish and all the ways to cook, eat, prepare, and other synonyms that can contend with “make om noms.” There are more grocery stores around us that I know what to do with, and if I wished to venture out into the center of the city more there are some fantastic resources there as far as eating friends of an aquatic nature are concerned.

This is just what we tend to see at one of our local grocery stores.

Fish Fish and more Fish

Look! Ocean food!



The following photo of clams is interesting. These guys are 100% alive. Sealed in the packaging. If you tap it, they pull in their siphons. It’s very cool. Looking for ways to cook them in the future! 😀


… it's looking at me.

Finally – a traditional rice topping. Hundreds upon hundreds of tiny, tiny fish. Put them on hot rice, eat, feel good.

A little bitter, but good!

Hundreds of eyes

This is just what we NORMALLY see on a day-to-day basis. There are always in-season, and out of season fish, varying on the week sometimes! As far as some even more … out there foods, well, we did find Sea Cucumber not too long ago too.

Does Sea Cucumber tickle your fancy? Fresh!

Going to work up to that one. One Day.


I have yet to venture to the actual outdoor fish market – mostly due to the fact that in order to get the best selection you need to be there around sunrise. Perhaps when it’s a little warmer outside. I will report back from there at some time, though! It’s 2012 in Japan – finally getting a chance to understand things better, and really get out and become, ya know, functional. 😉

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